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Together we change our farming and food system and increase food security.

Farm With Us

Join us to explore many organic farming opportunity..


In collaboration with Go Farm Africa Initiative, an NGO dedicated to uplifting the poor and empowering rural West Africa farmers, Go Organic Farmers Alliance (GOFA) is an organization created to promote the importance of the organic farming sector in Africa, by promoting the benefits, and development of the organic supply chain, which means better livelihoods for farmers and better food for consumers.

Agritech Services

We provide our farmers with information, technologies and products they need to maximize their yields.

100% Organic

All farmers produce are from organic farms, processed, package, certified and traceable.

Fair Price to Farmers

Farmers get a fair price for their product enough to create better livelihoods for farmers.

Health Store

Eat Organic For Healthy Life

What can be better than fresh healthy food delivered right to the doorstep? We take great care of every order that you place with our store!

Farm to Market Program

This program, based in Sierra Leone. Our mobile app and online store connect
farmers with consumers of their produce, eliminating excessive layers of intermediaries and helping farmers get a fair price for the produce. The program also increases the community greater use of bio-inputs and a progressive shift to organic and diversified farming systems.

2021-04-24 at moyamba2

Mokorewa, Moyamba


Kamasondo, Lungi

2021-04-24 at moyamba

Mokorewa, Moyamba

Sale Start!
1st Week of June

Farm to Table

We now offer flexible farm shares through, our online organic farm produce portal. Your shares are based on what you like and come with flexibility, delivery options, and fresher. Our local farm produce helps build strong and healthy communities.

We pick only the best fruits and vegetables for our customers. Your health and the health of your family members is the top priority for us!

Fresh, seasonal, organic items every week

New products every week for variable dishes

Free delivery from your local farm